Divine Mercy


Handbook of Devotion to the Divine Mercy Prayer Book
BK 103

A young man decided to let himself in (break-in) to a relative's home while they were away.  While he was inside the house he found the Devotion to the Divine Mercy Prayer Book.  He took the Prayer Book and had a conversion.

By:  A Priest, IRELAND

 Pieta (color) Prayer Book

The Pieta Book (esp. the colored version) has blessed my life.  After the Bible and the Catechism, I believe it is next in Holiness.  I have given hundreds away and will as long as I can.  I have seen lives changed by reading and finding a new prayer life through this booklet.  We have actual pictures of Our Lord and Our Lady in it.  Page 23 corresponds with the face of Our Lady of Guadalupe and page 73 is exactly like the face drawn by the artist for St. Faustina in the Original recently released authentic picture of the Divine Mercy.  How fortunate we are as Catholics to have these actual pictures of Our Lord and Our Lady.  Miracles occur when the prayers for the dead or dying are said on p.24-26.  Pray them for anyone dying or deceased, including your relatives and friends.  There is no time limit with God.  P.18 and 19 are the way to start each day and p.21 is the way to end each day.  The book is filled with novenas, stations, every prayer any person could or would need to enrich their life.  Give them away at Mass, bless your friends and relatives with hope and faith and love by telling them to read it and pull from it the prayers that will bless them.  The rosary, the chaplets to the Angels and others are all there waiting to be prayed.

Awaken your prayer life and everyone you know or meet.  God Bless and remember if you help one person back to the Faith, Our Lord will remember it on the day of judgement...

Phyllis Vermilyea
New Bern, NC.

The Holy Cloak in Honor of Saint Joseph Prayer Book
 Bk 115sj

The 30 Day Novena, from the Holy Cloak in Honor of Saint Joseph Prayer Book is POWERFUL!  Within six months of praying this novena, many prayers were answered.
   Jobs were found and other special requests were answered.  One particular part of the prayer in the Novena was for two different relative families.  One from the East coast and the other from the West coast.  Both couples had not been raised Catholic per say.  Each couple had two children whom had not been Baptised.  All four children were Baptised Catholic within one month of each other after praying this novena.

By:  A Saint Joseph Devotee, USA
The Divine Mercy Image 

The Blessings of the protection of the Divine Mercy Image are awesome!  I had the Divine Mercy Car Window Sticker applied to the windshield at the front left driver side of my car (on the column).  While driving in my car with a friend, we were traveling Eastbound & an Ambulance which was going in the opposite direction, decided to make a turn & hit my car right in the exact same column on the driver side where I had my Divine Mercy Image. (between the driver front door and the windshield).  Miraculously no one was hurt in either the Ambulance or my car.  We all walked away!  If the Ambulance would of hit me an inch or two to the left of the column, I would not be giving this testimony.  THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR UNFATHOMABLE MERCY! 

On another occasion, having taken the Divine Mercy Image from my old car and applied it to the same area of my new car.  I was driving down the road, while talking on the telephone to a Doctor about something very important.  I mistakenly ran a stop sign and was hit by an oncoming car in the same column area as was my previous accident.  My car was totaled and no one was hurt.  I was ticketed for the accident; however, nothing was ever filed against me, again by the Mercy of Jesus.

I not only keep this Miraculous Image on my car, but also have a beautiful Divine Mercy Image framed in my home.

Gloria Bravo
Hollywood, FL.