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Month of July - Continue to Pray for "Our Country"
Fortnight for Religious Freedom
 Help keep Religious Freedom in Our Country
Fourteen Days of Prayer, Fasting and Reflection
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(Saint Faustina... ) "One day Jesus told me that He would cause a chastisement to fall upon the most beautiful city in our country (probably Warsaw).  This chastisement would be that with which God had punished Sodom and Gomorrah.  I saw the great wrath of God and a shudder pierced my heart.  I prayed in silence.  After a moment, Jesus said to me, 'My child, unite yourself closely to Me during the Sacrifice and offer My Blood and My Wounds to My Father in expiation for the sins of that city.  Repeat this without interruption throughout the entire Holy Mass.  Do this for seven days.'   On the seventh day I saw Jesus in a bright cloud and began to beg Him to look upon the city and upon our whole country.  Jesus looked (down) graciously.  When I saw the kindness of Jesus, I began to beg His blessing.  Immediately Jesus said, 'For your sake I bless the entire country'.  And He made a big sign of the cross over our country.  Seeing the goodness of God, a great joy filled my soul."

Diary of Saint Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Notebook I, 39. 

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