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What is God?  -  God is Silent.
How do we hear God?  -  We hear God in Silence!
Do a Spiritual Retreat in your home or car - turn off your Telephone, TV or Radio for (1) one Hour - Listen and Hear God in the Silence!
As often as possible do a Holy Hour of Adoration.


   Gifts for the Heart & Soul


(Saint Faustina... ) "In addition to the vows, I see one rule as most important.  Although all the rules are important, I put this one in first place, and it is silence.  Truly, if this rule were to be observed strictly, I would not worry about the others.  Women are very fond of talking, but the Holy Spirit does not speak to a soul that is distracted and garrulous.  He speaks by His quiet inspirations to a soul that is recollected, to a soul that knows how to keep silence.  If silence were strictly observed, there would not be any grumbling, bitterness, slandering, or gossip, and charity would not be tarnished. (23) In a word, many wrongs would not be done.  Silent lips are pure gold and bear witness to holiness within."    

Diary of Saint Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Notebook II, 552. 

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